ZF’s TRW reinforces commitment to commercial vehicle safety

ZF Aftermarket’s TRW is pointing to the importance of opting for trusted, safe braking components for commercial vehicles.

According to government advice, regular brake testing is essential for HGVs and trailers, with at least four tests per year recommended, including during CVRT/MOT inspections. Given the weight and nature of the loads carried by heavy good vehicles (HGVs), maintaining fully operational brakes is paramount to ensuring road safety.

By addressing issues related to brake system components, service brake performance, and parking brake performance, TRW aims to reduce the incidence of brake-related failures in commercial vehicles.

Renowned for its TRW braking systems and steering and suspension parts, TRW says it combines engineering excellence with innovative design to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance.

With a focus on the CV parts market, TRW has developed dozens of steering, braking, and suspension innovations tailored specifically for HGVs and commercial fleets.

Every TRW CV part undergoes rigorous testing in the laboratory, on the track, and on the road to guarantee optimal performance in real-world conditions.

From brake pads and calipers to brake discs, linkage and suspension components, shock absorbers, and steering gears, TRW says its comprehensive product range encompasses all essential components for maintaining safety and reliability in CVs.

Yan Lockhart, aftermarket area sales leader UK at ZF Aftermarket UK, commented: “It goes without saying that safety is of paramount importance when it comes to heavy duty goods vehicles, as they are put under extreme pressures, up and down the country, day in, day out.

“Our focus on delivering parts of the highest quality reflects our commitment to delivering reliable solutions that keep fleets moving safely. With TRW’s proven track record in automotive safety, we are dedicated to supporting the commercial vehicle industry with top-quality products and expert guidance.”

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