ZF introduces assembly tool kit for shock absorber replacement

ZF Aftermarket has introduced an assembly tool kit for shock absorber replacement to its range of special tools.

This can be used to safely install most of the high-quality dampers in ZF Aftermarket’s spare parts range. At the same time, the tool kit meets the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers and enables new parts to be installed to exact OE repair instructions.

The tools are ergonomically shaped, and their compact design makes them well suited for tight installation spaces.

Two expanding sockets are included which make it easy to remove shock absorbers with a clamp fit in the wheel carrier. The tool set comprises a total of 17 individual parts and is stored in a high-quality, sturdy plastic case.

The shock absorber assembly tool kit adds to ZF Aftermarket’s range of special tools for driveline and chassis repair. These include a testing tool for the dual-mass flywheel; a lateral runout tester for clutch discs; a clutch centering set for trucks and tools for changing the XTend self-adjusting clutch on passenger cars and vans.

Also available, in a practical case, is the cleaning system for electrical contact surfaces. This can be used to clean contacts that are difficult to access, reducing contact resistance and preventing electronic faults.

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