Yuasa launches YCX smart battery chargers and maintainers

Yuasa has launched a brand-new range of fully automatic YCX smart battery chargers and maintainers at Automechanika Frankfurt.

The four-tiered range has been developed by GS Yuasa engineers for high performance charging of motorcycle, car, commercial and leisure vehicle batteries.

Developed using GS Yuasa’s leading battery expertise, which spans over 125 years, the YCX1.5, YCX6, YCX12 and YCXL12 have been designed to extend battery life, maintain performance and provide the ultimate reliability for which the Japanese battery manufacturer is renowned.

Yuasa says its unrivalled knowledge and experience means the YCX chargers have bespoke 9 or 7 stage charging profiles and are the perfect match for all vehicle battery brands. They also have higher power settings than most other comparable models on the market so batteries can be charged faster and more reliably on or off the vehicle, Yuasa claims.

Furthermore, the YCX6, YCX12 and YCXL12 models are actively cooled, ensuring that they maintain a stable power output, resulting in longer charger service life when in use for extended periods of time.

Each charger has an automatic maintenance mode that sustains optimum state of charge during battery storage. Enhanced safety features, including short circuit, overcharging and reverse polarity protection guarantee ultimate peace of mind for all users.

James Douglas, European Group marketing manager for GS Yuasa Battery Europe said: “The YCX range features our world-renowned industry leading technology to ensure optimum charging performance for lead acid conventional, Start-Stop, EFB, AGM, lithium and gel battery.

“The same pioneering development and knowledge that we have used to advance battery technology for over 125 years has gone in to developing these chargers.”

The chargers also feature simple navigation buttons and clear LED indicators for complete ease of use.

In the larger models, durable splashproof construction with integrated clamp and eyelet connectors and built-in power supply modes makes the Yuasa YCX range one of the most advanced and user-friendly battery chargers on the market.

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