WD–40 motorbike specialist range is the torque of the town

Team PR Reilly has introduced a new range of specialist products to its ever-growing product portfolio.

Tailor made for motorcycle use WD-40’s new range is bound to whet the appetite of motorbike enthusiasts nationwide.

The Chain Wax and Chain Lube products offer powerful protection against the harsh elements, while the Chain Cleaner blasts off contaminants restoring O, Z and X chain types to their natural glory.


Further enhancing the range is the Brake Cleaner. This product is vital to the maintenance of safely functioning brake and clutch systems. By quickly removing dust, oil, dirt and brake fluid it is another motorcycle must have.

Whether the bike you’re cleaning is a Harley or a Honda the Silicone Shine, Wax & Polish and Total Wash products provide you with all the cleaning muscle a busy biker is likely to need. WD – 40’s powerful formula enables you to bust through tough dirt before waxing and shining for a sleek and stylish finish.

For further information regarding the WD – 40 Specialist Motorbike range and offers – contact the Team P R Reilly Sales team on 01 832 0006 or email sales@team.ie.

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