Valeo – the CV transmission systems specialist

Valeo is a key supplier of clutches for all truck manufacturers with a European parc coverage of 95 per cent, and this fact was very much in evidence at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham.

Valeo is the only supplier of clutches for the most powerful truck and coach engines on the market. For example, Valeo has developed a clutch for the Scania V8 engine DC16 21 (730hp) with the following key features:

> cover assembly 430DTE with high clamp load (45,500N) to maximise the transmission of high torque;
> drive plate 430 mm: the quality of the TG(F) damper together with the F510 Heavy Duty friction material allows to transmit the high torque (3,500Nm) with a maximum comfort.

Valeo, provides a wide and innovative range of torque transfer and filtering solutions for trucks and buses. Valeo’s first goal is to anticipate the future regulations in terms of emissions (Euro 7), environment (Strict respect of forbidden substances – REACH Program), and up-coming noise reduction targets. This road map also includes the necessary constraint of cost and weight reduction.

Valeo, worldwide N°1 in facings for clutches, is unique in the market using a 100% green water based process to produce its friction materials. Most clutches in the world are equipped with the latest Valeo facings having the best in class performance for fading (>450°C), for judder (+10% judder free compared to competition) and eco-friendly materials (no lead, no solvent, and particularly no Aramid fibers anticipating future MSDS).

Valeo today has a complete portfolio of clutches in mass production up to 3,500Nm and also new concepts able to reach 5,000Nm engine torque.

The damper range starts from standard technology dampers, continuing with low stiffness dampers (integrating an anti creeping feature, latest spring technology and the newest metallurgic treatments).

Valeo is a major innovator, and many Valeo patents are used on Valeo cover assemblies, discs and facings, to provide truck and bus makers best in class clutches for mass production. Valeo also supplies very high performance clutches for race trucks that are able to sustain up to 6,000Nm engine torque.

For each new engine and gearbox development, Valeo always design products with cost efficiency in mind. Valeo has all necessary tools for simulation, design and testing, to address each customer’s specification with the most suitable solution in terms of performance, cost and environmental compliance.

In addition to the existing range, Valeo will introduce new applications: > Kit 395 pull for DAF LF55 CE from February 2013 > Kit 362 pull for DAF LF45 FR/GR from February 2013 > Kit 395 pull for DAF LF55 GR from February 2013
> Kit 330 push for ISUZU

Valeo clutches and facings are today produced in every part of the world with strictly the same high quality standards, and almost one truck in three in the World are equipped by Valeo products, as Original Equipment or spares parts.

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