Valeo launches Canopy

Valeo has launched Canopy, the first wiper designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 61 per cent compared to a Valeo wiper blade representative of the majority of wiper blades commercialised in the European market.

Valeo Canopy’s rubber blade is made of more than 80 per cent natural, renewable or recycled materials such as cane sugar, vegetable oils or carbon black from recycled tyres.

An increased share of recycled material is used in other components of Canopy wiper blades with up to 15 per cent recycled steel in the metal structures and up to 50 per cent recycled plastic in the end clips.

The Valeo Canopy range of wiper blades is delivered ready to use without unnecessary adapters to be thrown away while offering great ease of assembly.

It covers 95 per cent of the vehicles in the European fleet. Valeo doesn’t stop there; Canopy comes in a 100 per cent cardboard packaging, fully recyclable and printed with solvent- free water-based inks.

In addition to this action on the specific Valeo Canopy range, Valeo is committed to eliminating single-use plastic packaging from all its wiper blade ranges by the end of 2024 in Europe, replacing them with more sustainable cardboard solutions.

Finally, with Canopy, Valeo promotes the industry and jobs in Europe since it is manufactured in the Valeo plant in Issoire (France), from which already originates the majority of Valeo wipers for the European market.

The site is particularly committed to an energy efficiency plan for more than 10 years and certified “Energy Management” by the ISO 50001 label.

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