UFI oil filter OE on BMW 6-cylinder diesel engine

BMW has chosen the complete oil filter module made by UFI Filters for the second generation of 3.0 litre B57 6-cylinder diesel engine.

While UFI has been developing products for diesel fuel filtration in BMW cars for many years, this supply contract serves to further consolidate the company’s key partnership with the German car maker.

The oil module supplied to BMW is entirely produced by UFI Filters, with the central body manufactured at the Ostrava industrial site in the Czech Republic and the heat exchanger made at the Opole plant in Poland. The materials used are technologically advanced; the filter body is entirely made from plastic, reinforced with fibreglass.

The plastic structure ensures significant weight savings over similar modules made from metal, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and a drop in pollutant emissions. The use of fibreglass considerably strengthens the structure of the body. This allows the filter to operate under pressures of up to 30 bar l, just like similar structures using die-cast metal.

The oil module filter element supplied to BMW uses a filter media which maximises the filter surface area and minimises pressure drops. This technology benefits from an innovative ultrasound bonding method, resulting in a dramatically improved seal, even under the most demanding operating conditions and without the use of metal. The filter is fully in line with Euro 6 requirements and is 100 per cent recyclable.

The oil module supplied to BMW comes complete with a heat exchanger and a series of valves developed and manufactured entirely by UFI Filters. Inside the body there is one anti drain valve and two bypass valves, one of which can also function as an anti drain valve. The bypass valve allows for optimal oil management and guarantees the highest performances even in cold start conditions.

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