UFI Filters secures Mercedes-Benz OE approval

Mercedes-Benz AG has approved the UFI Multitube engine air filtration technology for fitment in the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class with a double air intake system.

The UFI Multitube is designed and produced by UFI Filters and allows flexibility for different system designs. Compared to traditional panels, the tubular structure of UFI Multitube offers maximum filtration performance – more than 99.5 per cent – within much smaller overall dimensions, according to UFI Filters.

The vehicle engine compartment that houses the Merc’s powerful 610 HP V12 engine offers limited vertical space for the passage of filtered and clean air. Because of this, UFI Filters has designed a tailored solution to adapt to the specific needs of the car. Both airboxes incorporate the UFI Multitube tubular systems, which optimise space for better fluid dynamics.

As a result, compared to traditional air filter systems, the UFI Multitube allows to minimise pressure and energy losses, ensuring greater power availability to the engine and thereby limiting emissions and reducing consumption. The UFI Multitube has already demonstrated these benefits on previous applications, offering a potential horsepower increase of up to four per cent for some vehicles, according to UFI Filters.

In addition to significantly reducing pressure drop in the intake system, the technology also ensures high resistance against water and fire. The UFI Multitube’s filter media, made from exclusive ‘FormulaUFI.Extreme’ hydrophobic synthetic fibres, creates a depth septum impermeable to water droplets and moisture; and maintains full functionality and filtration performance throughout its life cycle.

The UFI Multitube has also passed the DIN53438 test – ISO standard that determines the degree of combustion of commercial materials; receiving the highest possible, F1 classification – thus highlighting the FormulaUFI.Extreme media’s resistance to flame, as well as its product safety properties.

The company says the performance was also significantly higher than those of other engine air filters with the same F1 classification. When exposed to an open flame, the UFI Multitube did not puncture, unlike other filters classified F1, it says.

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