TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20 sets the benchmark

TotalEnergies has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the lubricant industry, according to Irish distributor Finol Oils.

One of its latest additions to its exceptional HGV engine oil product range is Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20, which stands out as a top-tier engine oil, offering optimal performance and efficiency for some of the most modern vehicles on the market.

It is particularly suited to the new engines from Scania and MAN, boosting full approval from both manufacturers with their latest specifications.

  • Scania LDF-5
  • MAN M 3977

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern engines,  the Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20 is a fully synthetic Low SAPS lubricant with a reduced high temperature, high shear (HTHS) that is required for the modern engine. It also boasts exceptional fuel economy benefits. Its low viscosity at low temperatures ensures smooth start-ups, reducing wear and tear on critical engine components.

Additionally, its excellent thermal stability prevents oil breakdown at high temperatures, providing consistent protection throughout extended drain intervals ensuring optimal performance across various driving conditions. Its advanced additive package offers outstanding engine cleanliness, preventing deposits and sludge buildup, thus prolonging the engine’s life.

One of the defining features of this engine oil is its Xtra Fuel Economy (XFE) technology. By reducing internal friction, XFE technology not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious fleet operators.

TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20 sets the benchmark for engine lubrication, combining top-notch performance, enhanced fuel economy, and environmental responsibility. With this cutting-edge engine oil, fleet operators can confidently protect their engines while minimising their fleet’s ecological footprint.

TotalEnergies Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20 is now available in Ireland from TotalEnergies’ Irish distribution partner Finol Oils, which is one of the leading trusted lubricants partners to many of the large and small fleet operators in Ireland and lubricants supplier to some of the leading Irish fleet OEMs such as Scania Ireland, Renault Trucks, MAN Ireland and Harris Group.

Finol has been distributing lubricants in Ireland since 1977 and has been the trusted lubricants supplier for thousands of Irish businesses. To find out more about the products and services that Finol offers or to order TotalEnergies’ Rubia Optima 5100 XFE 5W-20, contact the sales and technical team in Finol today at +353 (1) 2238842 or visit

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