Total helps hauliers to cut fuel costs

Total’s Fuel Economy range can help haulage operators lower operating costs, without compromising on the protection, performance and power of the engine, according to Irish distributors Finol Oils.

FinolWith the current economic climate and the fluctuations in price of fuel, transport companies are very focused on the bottom line and how they can achieve additional savings. With the price of fuel being a major contributor to the costs of running a successful business, more and more companies are looking at how to save money on fuel.

Being able to run vehicles more efficiently is the best way to start saving and reduce fuel costs. Fuel economy lubricants like the Total Rubia Fuel Economy range can help reduce the costs long term by up €1,000 per vehicle per annum, with 1 Litre of fuel saved per 100kms under normal driving conditions, Finol Oils says.

Fuel Economy lubricants help maintain the engine and prevent wear. They are designed to reduce friction loses throughout the vehicle’s drive chain. They are designed from synthetic base oils with reduced viscosities which require less energy to lubricate. Fuel economy lubricants have specific additives that allow reduction in this friction which is responsible for energy loss in the engine.

Check out the full article in the Auto Trade Journal out this week.

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