Tool to replicate curved brake pipes

Need to make up a new section of brake pipe? Need to accurately mirror the original pipe’s bends and curves when making up the new pipe? Laser Tools says reach for its brake pipe bender and clamp set (part number 8523).

Included are a pair of brake pipe bender tools for shaping both copper and cupro-nickel brake pipes in situ on the vehicle, or on the bench.

They are designed to be used with a standard 6mm hex key or a 1/4″D ratchet (not included). Two pairs of brake pipe clamps are also included, to enable the new pipe to be held securely next to the existing pipe, so that the new pipe can be shaped to replicate the one that it’s replacing.

With the existing and new pipes clamped together, the bender tool is steadily turned, the tool’s radius ensuring a smooth curve without any kinking or flattening of the new pipe. Fabricate an accurate new pipe in minutes.

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