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Qualvecom acts as Irish Distributor for a number of the biggest global manufacturers of original equipment parts

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Qualvecom is one of Ireland’s largest distributors of automotive components, with a reputation for unequalled service to its customers since the business commenced over 40 years ago.

This reputation has been built on foot of a simple business philosophy – maintain comprehensive stocks of quality brands so as to deliver the right goods at the right time, all the time, and to provide a complete backup support programme including marketing, technical and all other after-sales services.Qualvecom acts as Irish Distributor for a number of the biggest global manufacturers of original equipment parts, who in turn supply all the main, worldwide car and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Qualvecom’s success has been built upon the solid foundations of substantial investment over the years in infrastructure and people. Our modern, strategically-located facility is staffed by sales and operational teams fully trained and committed to ensure our customers receive a level of service which many of them regard as “the best in the game”.

New engine timing tool and flywheel locking kit

Designed by Laser Tools and manufactured at their facility in Sheffield, these new engine timing tool and flywheel locking kits (part numbers 7051 and 7059) are for post-2010 5.0 litre V8 petrol engines used across the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges. Jaguar applications include Jaguar F-Type, XF, XFR/S, XJ, XJR, XK8 and XKR. Land Rover

New Laser Tools puller

If an engine is fitted with a serpentine belt and the associated ribbed drive pulleys, then care has to be taken when removing these pulleys, particularly the main crankshaft pulley. A traditional puller is likely to damage the outer edge of ribbed drive pulley. This new puller from Laser Tools (part number 7114) is specifically

Qualvecom introduces Telco cable range

Qualvecom has introduced a comprehensive range of cables from Telco, which are manufactured to the highest of standards. Telco offers a full range including: accelerator, clutch, hand brake, speedo and gear selector cables. Telco cables are manufactured and tested to OEM matching quality. Application listings are available on TecDoc under the Cofle brand. Available from

Laser Tools unveils clamping washer removal tool

Clamping Washers are used by many manufacturers to hold in place underbody heat shields and sound deadening materials. They are light weight sprung steel washers that push on to and grip a simple, coarsely threaded stud that is permanently attached to the vehicle body. Unfortunately they can be tricky to remove once corroded without breaking

Timesaving wheel hub holding tool from Laser Tools

Holding a wheel hub steady when working on a drive shaft is one of those jobs that require a third hand. But not with this wheel hub holding tool from Laser (part number 7090). Simply bolt it across a couple of wheel studs or bolts and it holds the hub steady while the axle nut

Laser launches new wheel nut locating wrench

Laser Tools has launched a new tool that speeds up wheel fitting and avoids wheel nut cross threading. Wheel fitting: you’re balancing the wheel on the hub or on the studs and as the road wheel wobbles about, it can be very fiddly getting the wheel bolt or nut to start threading squarely without cross

New air pipe grips from Laser Tools

Fitting Voss-type connectors to plastic air-pipes has suddenly become much easier. These air-pipe grips from Laser Tools are specifically designed for this job. The grip area holds the pipe securely and without damage, allowing the connector to be pushed in without kinking the pipe. Five sizes of plastic pipe can be accommodated — from six

New AdBlue lever-action pump from Laser Tools

In the modern vehicle workshop topping up the diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue is now a fact of life. Substantial savings can be made by buying your AdBlue in bulk, and this new lever-action pump from Laser Tools (part number 7145) fits straight onto the larger 205 or 210 litre containers. The suction tube extends from

Double-jointed long-reach pliers from Laser Tools

If you have to get access to a hose clip, or other fixing buried deep in the engine bay, long-reach pliers can be very useful. But by their very nature the handles open a greater distance than the jaws. This can be very cumbersome, and for something like a large hose clip it means using