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New 5-piece brake component cleaning and inspection kit from Laser Tools

Brake service means much more than just fitting a new set of pads. Best practice in the workshop means cleaning corroded discs and removing dirt and debris from the calipers and linkages. That’s why Laser Tools has introduced this new 5-piece brake component cleaning and inspection kit.

Laser Tools introduces new brake disc lip removal tool

Laser Tools has introduced a new brake disc lip removal tool, which quickly removes corrosion from the edge of the brake disc.

Useful and practical pen type detailing brush set from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has launched a new 4-piece detailing brush set (part number 7744) that’s suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, from engine parts and components to interior vents, buttons and controls, etc.

Removing or refitting a Ford dual-clutch assembly?

Laser Tools a leading supplier and manufacturer of automotive special tools has just released a new dual-clutch removal and refitting tool kit (part number 7727) that is designed to assist in the extraction of the dual-clutch pack from the Ford DPS6 and DCT250 Powershift transmissions (Fiesta from 2008, Focus and B-Max from 2012, and Ecosport

Laser Tools unveils High Lift Farm Jack

Laser Tools has unveiled a new High Lift Farm Jack (part number 7665), a heavy-duty lever-ratchet operated jack designed to lift or pull a maximum load of 2500kg and can raise a load up to 1.06 metres (42″).

New comprehensive socket and bit adaptor set from Laser Tools

The new socket and bit adaptor set from Laser Tools, part number 7167, supplies a comprehensive selection of the most-used adaptors presented in a machine-cut foam tray that fits neatly in the tool tray. The search for the correct adaptor will be no more.

New engine timing tool and flywheel locking kit

Designed by Laser Tools and manufactured at their facility in Sheffield, these new engine timing tool and flywheel locking kits (part numbers 7051 and 7059) are for post-2010 5.0 litre V8 petrol engines used across the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges. Jaguar applications include Jaguar F-Type, XF, XFR/S, XJ, XJR, XK8 and XKR. Land Rover

New Laser Tools puller

If an engine is fitted with a serpentine belt and the associated ribbed drive pulleys, then care has to be taken when removing these pulleys, particularly the main crankshaft pulley. A traditional puller is likely to damage the outer edge of ribbed drive pulley. This new puller from Laser Tools (part number 7114) is specifically

Laser Tools unveils clamping washer removal tool

Clamping Washers are used by many manufacturers to hold in place underbody heat shields and sound deadening materials. They are light weight sprung steel washers that push on to and grip a simple, coarsely threaded stud that is permanently attached to the vehicle body. Unfortunately they can be tricky to remove once corroded without breaking