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First Line highlights changes in steering & suspension components

Vehicle manufacturers (VMs) are constantly driven by the need to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of their models, as well as increasing the percentage of the car that can be recycled. To achieve this, VMs have developed vehicle aerodynamics, lowered rolling resistance and introduced a large scale programme of vehicle light-weighting. The combined effects

First Line talks top strut mount failure

Top strut mounts and bearings have evolved from ‘Generation 0’, featuring a simple steel bearing in a steel beading, to ‘Generation 2.5’,which uses a steel bearing with integral upper spring and shock absorber support, made from sophisticated, premium quality plastic composites. Despite this transformation, top strut mounts and bearings are still susceptible to failure.

First Line launches its online returns portal

Prominent supplier of premium quality components, First Line Ltd, is committed to providing its customers with the best service and support possible, which is why the company has introduced a new online portal that gives them a simpler, more efficient way to process their returns and warranties claims.

First Line urges customers to use Webcat during COVID-19

Prominent supplier of premium quality components, First Line Ltd, has emphasised the importance of its WebCat online portal for distributors during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A component with big responsibilities

As one of the renowned aftermarket suppliers, First Line Ltd is a specialist when it comes to the field of steering & suspension components, which is one of the reasons why its products are held in such high regard by workshops across the country.

Borg & Beck makes British Truck Racing debut

Following its CV brake pad introduction, First Line Ltd, with its 100-year-old Borg & Beck brand, entered a sponsorship agreement with the Cole Trucksport truck racing team providing them with premium quality brake pads and discs. The British Truck Racing Championship team races in division two, with one of the most potent vehicles on the

First Line oil sumps

Reflecting the poor surface quality of many of the UK and Ireland’s road network, with pot-holes and debris, as well as the huge increase of so-called ‘traffic calming’ speed humps and ramps, the number of vehicles entering the workshop with damage to their oil sumps caused not just by impacts, but from corrosion to exposed

See clearly with First Line motor wipers

In terms of the driver, one of the most important road safety elements is the ability to see clearly in adverse weather conditions, which is why when a wiper motor fails, the replacement component should be of premium quality. Amongst the various products available from First Line Ltd is a short range of direct replacement

First Line for Electric Water Pumps

Modern, low-emission, high-output engines are designed to run within a very small temperature window in order to maintain optimum efficiency. This is controlled through the Electric Water Pump, which regulates the coolant flow dictated by the electronic control unit (ECU). When it comes to forced induction engines, additional cooling of the turbo/supercharger after the engine