Kia recommends Total Quartz with Age Resistance Technology

Drivers face many challenges to keep their cars operating at the highest level due to the severe conditions they face on a daily basis. That’s why Kia recommends Total Quartz with Age Resistance Technology to protect your engine and ensure optimal performance day-in-day-out.

Developed in collaboration with their automotive partners, Quartz lubricants are constantly evolving to meet the demands of new technologies that are now developing and evolving at a faster rate than ever seen before.

As Kia’s recommended lubricants, Quartz accompanies Kia vehicles from the factory floor and continue to protect them during their life on the road. With a commitment to provide Kia with products that comply with environmental standards, reduce emissions and energy-efficient, Quartz will continue to exceed the expectations of road users and their Kia’s.

Quartz with Age Resistance Technology
With technology constantly advancing, automotive engines are being designed to be more dynamic, faster and increase efficiency. But as these innovations are introduced, not only does global demand increase but the demand for newer regulations and cleaner energies grow as car manufacturers find ways to lower emissions, including CO2.

Therefore, the objective is to enhance technologies for greater efficiency, without increased environmental costs. One of the most popular configurations is engine downsizing and turbocharging.

Normally, by reducing the number or the capacity of the engine cylinders, engines become more efficient and lightweight, resulting in a more agile and compact car. Add turbocharging and you get drastically more engine power. Customers benefit from better performance, lower fuel consumption along with a smaller carbon footprint.

But these innovations bring new challenges. Faced with high temperatures and pressures, oil oxidation/degradation is accelerated, leading to increased wear and sludge build-up. Consequently, the car owner has a higher risk of premature engine breakdown. This is where Quartz with Age Resistant Technology comes into play.

With 15,000 hours of testing and engineering to boost product performance, Quartz with A.R.T reinforces oil molecules and aims to be more resistant to oxidation, helping to combat sludge and wear and a wide range of benefits.

Optimal Performance for your Engine
Quartz with A.R.T increases molecular interaction to offer the ultimate resistance to oil oxidation and sludge build-up, helping your engine to stay younger for longer.

Better Protection Under Extreme Temperatures
Quartz provides improved protection for your car engine, even in extreme heat and cold. Less friction between an engine’s moving parts means reduced energy waste and greater fuel economy. Less fuel consumption also means lower emissions.

This innovative lubricant technology provided by TotalEnergies can transform a car owner’s experience on the road as well as save maintenance costs. These products are currently available from Finol Oils, the authorised distributor of TotalEnergies in Ireland.

To view the full range of Quartz products with A.R.T technology, go to technology or speak to its technical team at 01 455 54 84.

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