Somora Motor Parts updates website for non-catalogued products

Somora Motor Parts has made a major update to its website, which now enables customers to find non-catalogued products such as refinishing, abrasives, lubricants, Bulbs etc., for the first time.

There are numerous new filters and word search system to help customers easily identify the products they require.

Somora Motor Parts uses the following example to illustrate how to find a five litre can of automotive 5W-20 grade oil.

Firstly, go to and click on the “Oils & Lubricants” button.

A page will then open, which will present a number of choices for the various types of lubricants Kroon-Oil manufacture. For this example, click on the “Automotive Motor Oils”.

On the left-hand side of the page a number of filter options will now be displayed. These can be used to narrow-down the search results, so that the screen will display only oils that meet your requirements. For this example, click on the “Sub Type” filter, and from the drop down menu choose “Engine Oil”.

Now that the Engine Oil page is open, click on the “Container Size” filter, and choose five litres, and then under the “Viscosity” filter, and choose 5W-20.

The results displayed will be the 5W-20 oil (K35173) in the five litre can that you require.

You will see by the green tick that it’s in stock. Should it be a red X or an orange triangle, call Somora Motor Parts on 01 675 4500 for a stock update.

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