Solution for stubborn wheel nuts

Laser Tools has launched its locking wheel nut removal kit (part number 8842), a new solution for tackling stubborn, damaged rounded-off wheel bolts, or locking wheel nuts or bolts when the key is lost.

The kit features eight sizes of internally-threaded and tapered removal sockets; a suitable-sized removal socket is hammered over the offending wheel nut or bolt and it is then simply unscrewed using the appropriate wheel brace or socket and breaker-bar. An air-hammer adaptor is also provided to speedily fit the removal socket if required.

The damaged wheel nut is then pressed out of the removal socket using the supplied extraction screw — this is particularly useful when using the kit at the roadside.

Designed to meet the needs of service centres, tyre fitting bays, and roadside recovery drivers, this set comes in a sturdy metal carry-case for easy storage and transport. The tools are mounted in a foam insert which can also be removed from the case for convenient tool tray storage.

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