Sogefi Group launches new-look 2013 filter catalogues

Sogefi Group, Europe’s leading OE and Aftermarket filter manufacturer, has launched a fully updated, re-designed 2013 catalogue for each of its aftermarket filter brands: Fram, CoopersFiaam, Purflux and the newly launched Sogefi Pro for heavy duty applications.

Launched by the Sogefi Aftermarket Division, the new catalogues all feature improvements to their format and contents, making it even easier than ever before to source the right OE quality, for all-makes of oil, air, petrol, diesel and cabin air filters for cars, light vehicles and commercial vehicles. It is the first time that Sogefi has launched its entire new aftermarket filter catalogues simultaneously.

One key change is the harmonized visual style of cover design for the new catalogues. Each one is instantly recognisable as a Sogefi publication, not only due to its distinctive aftermarket filter brand colour but also by the special Sogefi Group corporate strap line in black, incorporating the Sogefi Group logo.

The content of each catalogue has also been reorganised for extra convenience. New features include an improved layout for the ‘Applications by Vehicle Make’ section, with data now printed in rows for faster referencing. Every new filter introduction is also clearly identified, and listed by both vehicle manufacturer and filter type.

In addition to these features, a significant number of new references and applications are listed in the new catalogues. On average each Sogefi Group brand now offers more than 150 additional replacement filter references. These additions cover the most up to date vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo Mito, Audi A1, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 208, Range Rover Evoque, Renault Latitude and Volkswagen Amarok. Including the latest new part references, each catalogue now covers more than 1,100 vehicles, including all the major Asian, American and European makes. The parc coverage of each Sogefi filter brand across Europe represents the best in class: 96% for air filters, 99% for oil filters, 98% for diesel filters, 90% for petrol filters and 96% for cabin air filters.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi Aftermarket Division confirmed: “With reliability, efficiency and economy being more important than ever before, it is essential that vehicles are fitted with the most reliable, OE quality filters. In fact, Sogefi products are fitted as OE to eight out of ten of Europe’s top-selling cars. Sogefi is also reducing the time to market, in order to make available to the Independent Aftermarket OE products as quickly as possible after a vehicle launch. Now our expanded aftermarket filter ranges and new catalogue collection makes it even easier for distributors and garages to supply our original Sogefi filtration technology to their own customers.”

The new 2013 catalogues are all available to Sogefi customers upon request, and in a variety of formats. All of them are printed in paper format, and the Fram, CoopersFiaam and Purflux catalogues are also available on CD. In addition to this, all of the catalogues can be viewed and downloaded online from the relevant brand’s website:,, and Comprehensive information on every brand is also listed on the Tecdoc, MAM, Activant and Atelio data management tools, amongst others. For more information about Sogefi’s aftermarket filter brands and catalogues please visit

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