Shell Helix Ultra lubricants now available in Ireland

Shell has announced that it will offer carbon neutral Shell Helix Ultra lubricants in the Island of Ireland and other markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

The company says Helix Ultra lubricants provide mechanics and consumers with a more sustainable choice of motor oil without compromising the high performance and engine protection that has made it renowned around the world.

A spokesperson for Shell says: “We know our customers choose Shell Helix Ultra because it is designed for ultimate engine performance and improved fuel economy. But they also are looking for ways to lower emissions and reduce their own net carbon footprint, and as the world’s leading lubricants supplier Shell has an important role to play.

“That is why we are pleased to announce that, our customers can now enjoy the benefits they have come to expect from Shell Helix Ultra 0W range in a carbon neutral way.”

Shell will also offer its carbon neutral Shell Helix Ultra 0W lubricants in Europe, China, Indonesia, India and Egypt, and carbon neutral Shell Helix Ultra 5W lubricants in China. The announcement is part of a broader commitment by Shell to offer customers carbon neutral lubricants across a range of products for passenger cars, heavy duty diesel engines and industrial applications.

For more information contact the Irish distributor for Shell Lubricants, Triska Energy, on 01 295 8972 or email

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