Serfac offers environmentally favourable DRI product range

Serfac Limited is now offering an extensive range of “kinder to the environment” remanufactured components from the DRI brand, which can also benefit the businesses of motor factors, garages and workshops.

Remanufactured by BORG Automotive, DRI offers eight different product groups: Starters, Alternators, AC Compressors, Turbochargers, EGR Valves, Brake Callipers, Steering Racks and Steering Pumps, all of which are remanufactured at BORG’s own production sites in Poland, the UK and Spain.

BORG only uses OEM parts for remanufacturing and all are remanufactured to match its original standard. As a remanufacturer, BORG Automotive controls the entire remanufacturing process from parts and production to sales and service.

This total control of every process gives BORG an advantage when it comes to quality control and testing. All units are individually tested according to BORG’s high remanufacturing and factory standards and production is certified according to ISO standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Remanufacturing offers many benefits including the functionality, performance and look of original automotive parts.

Additionally, the energy used and CO2 emissions generated by remanufacturing are lower than those produced by the manufacturing of a new part, meaning that the environmental impact of scrapping is also significantly reduced. This makes remanufacturing an important part of the circular economy.

Furthermore, BORG Automotive offers a wide range of each product within its portfolio, which means fast availability for almost any vehicle thanks to BORG Automotive’s finely-tuned professional logistics network.

The BORG Automotive vision is to provide the highest quality products and best possible customer experience and the company is aware how important it is that its parts can be installed quickly and easily.

Therefore, many DRI products are delivered as a plug & play system – ensuring that they are equipped with all the components necessary for an easy installation. Fast response times, a multilingual customer service department and excellent technical support are readily available, as are troubleshooting guidelines and technical product training for customers.

Furthermore, DRI production sites are located within Europe, meaning shorter lead times and a high level of security and consistency of supply.

Tips & tricks
When replacing a component, it’s important to match the OE number on the old unit to that of the purchased unit. There are frequently several product numbers available for the same vehicle model and engine and by failing to match the OE number, the customer is at risk of receiving a unit that fails to communicate with the car and thus won’t work properly.

To help technicians select the right model, BORG Automotive has developed a model search system on its web shop, where it’s possible to search on the OE number and get the appropriate unit for that specific number.

The company devotes significant resources to ensuring that this data is correct. “We’ve been supplying the DRI brand to our customers since 2012 and it has grown consistently in popularity since then,” said Gillian Fanning of Serfac.

“The brand’s superior quality, wide choice of applications and excellent availability gives it a distinct advantage over its competitors and the fact that it is remanufactured means that stocking DRI now has environmental benefits too which is good for everyone.”

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