Serfac offers Argentium filter technology from UFI Filters

Serfac Limited is now offering Argentium – the latest filter technology from UFI Filters which allows motorists to take care of their health, even while driving.

Argentium is a revolutionary anti-bacterial cabin air filter created by UFI using the company’s extensive R&D experience of developing new filtering media.

Produced according to FormulaUFI.Stratiflex specifications, Argentium filter media is made of non-woven fabric and consists of three layers: antimicrobial, absorbent and structural.

Its antimicrobial layer incorporates silver particles with a powerful antimicrobial action, thanks to Biomaster silver biocide, which inhibits bacterial growth by up to 99 per cent.

The three layers block pollen, dirt and tyre dust, inhibiting the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria while absorbing sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOX).

UFI recommends changing a vehicle’s cabin filter once a year, or every 15,000 km and UFI Argentium maintains its efficiency over time, improving the cabin air quality in even the most intense traffic situations.

A direct consequence of poor cabin air quality on drivers and passengers includes allergies, sore throats, sneezing, reduced concentration while driving and even poor visibility due to condensation on windows and windscreen.

Argentium filters guarantee improved cabin air quality thanks to the combination of activated carbons and help to eliminate allergens, toxic gases and bad odours, while neutralising bacteria, spores and mildew.

The Argentium cabin filter range contains 154 different references covering a wide range of applications. For more information, contact the Serfac sales team or ask your Serfac area sales manager for more details.

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