Rotating electrics from WAI Europe

Alternators, starter motors, and other rotating electrics work tirelessly behind the scenes in a vehicle, converting mechanical energy into electrical power and vice versa.

A failure in any of these components can disrupt vehicle performance and leave drivers stranded. When replacement or repair is required, technicians need to know they are using the best products available.

Richard Welland, president at WAI Europe, discusses the importance of opting for the most high-quality rotating electrical products to ensure a vehicle can continue to run smoothly.

“It is best practice to opt for new components when it comes to rotating electrics, as they offer a reliable, safer option. New products often come with warranties, ensuring they are free from defects and, if choosing from a reputable supplier, they will be manufactured to meet safety standards and regulations, reducing the risk of further component damage.

“What’s more, as newer components often feature the latest technology and design improvements, they can offer superior performance compared to older parts. They will also provide value in the form of longevity and durability, helping to avoid frequent replacements and customer returns.

“WAI customers have experienced a 60 per cent reduction in warranty returns versus their former remanufactured product offering from competitors. With 24-month warranty on all rotating electrics, WAI products will give technicians reassurance and total customer satisfaction.”

The brand has increased the pace in which it brings new parts to market to ensure it can cover this newer and growing vehicle parc and is first to market with many of its latest references. For example, WAI has added over 100 new units to range covering automotive, heavy duty and agricultural applications since the start of 2024.

The brand is also planning on introducing many more references throughout the year to cover popular applications including for late models such as Ford Transit 2020- , Fiat 500X 2019-, Nissan Qashqai 2018-, Audi A3 2019-, Mercedes A Class 2018-.

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