Rocker covers and gaskets from febi

febi has a wide variety of parts in its ‘febiPLUS’ range, which it says provides an alternative choice to the dealer.

With over 450 parts for a variety of applications, its rocker covers and gaskets fall into this growing range – all in original equipment matching quality.

Rocker covers protect the upper actuation elements of the valve train. By covering the valves underneath, they ensure oil is circulated to maintain the correct levels of lubrication to the likes of cam valves and lifter rockers, which keeps it from spluttering out.

To perform correctly, the rocker cover must be oil-tight to avoid leaks. Through continual exposure to heat cycles and vibration when the engine is running, overtime they are subject to distortion, cracks and becoming brittle.

Additionally, over-tightening of screws can cause them to distort. This then compromises the efficiency and can cause oil leaks which in turn will cause problems if left unchanged.

Often underrated, the valve cover gasket plays an incredibly important role in protecting the cylinder head and keeping oil from escaping through the valve cover. Over time, the gasket becomes brittle and can crack due to exposure from heat, dirt and debris. This can cause leaks.

Symptoms of a worn valve cover gasket include; burning oil smell, dirty valve cover, leaking oil, engine misfire, and low engine oil.

febi says all of its car components are manufactured to the highest standards and can be fitted to any vehicle without invalidating the original manufacturer’s warranty. All parts can be sourced through febi’s ‘partsfinder’.

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