Rema Tip Top launches new TPMS maintenance systems

Car manufacturers have until November to install Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) systems as standard equipment on all new cars. Rema Tip Top Automotive believes that the level of importance placed on TPMS is highly significant for the entire industry. Rema Tip Top considers TPMS as one of the most topical and important issues in the automotive industry at this time. The environmental and safety benefits of effective tyre maintenance through TPMS cannot be ignored. Optimised fuel consumption and reduced tyre wear are great financial incentives for any customer wishing to adopt such a system but crucially the road safety benefits for the customer and other road users must be treated with equal regard.

To service this growing demand Rema Tip Top Automotive is commiting to the new ‘Sensor Intelligent Technology’ TPMS program from Alligator. The new TPMS sensor provides a complete solution for the replacement of OE TPMS sensors for both small and large tyre shop chains.
Significant cost savings are realised both in the form of inventory reduction and time- savings during the vehicle service cycle.

Check out the full article in the Auto Trade Journal out next week.

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