Packed briefing offers valuable insights

IAAF members enjoyed a recent packed briefing session via Zoom, as they heard more about DVSA activity, IAAF’s continuing work in championing the aftermarket and the challenges that lie ahead for the sector.

Members of the DVSA offered guidance to the automotive aftermarket on market surveillance and recalls, giving an insight into the number of work programmes undertaken to support the sector and highlighting the need for engagement with industry companies.

The organisation then went on to detail how it attempts to remove unsafe products from the aftermarket and the process it undertakes to carry out an investigation.

IAAF ‘Bitesize’ briefings have been extremely popular since their launch and give an opportunity to update the membership on its activity. IAAF’s chief executive explained how constant communication was key to assisting members throughout the pandemic and how this ensures the Federation was able to lobby effectively to end the MOT extension and prevent a new vehicle scrappage scheme.

Highlighting its work on Type Approval and BER legislation in 2023, there was a warning though to members of a new cybersecurity threat, as vehicles become even more ‘connected’ and their corresponding parts more software based.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “The IAM will need cybersecurity compatibility information, which is aligned with the cybersecurity architecture of the vehicle and workshops will have to use authenticated diagnostic tools to integrate authenticated parts into the vehicle in a cybersecure manner.”

FIGIEFA, supported by IAAF, is involved in the EU legislation process and is working to put in place framework conditions so that the entire automotive aftermarket remains open and competitive.

Mike Smallbone, head of membership development said: “Once again we have received some positive comments about this latest Industry Briefing Bitesize Session, and look forward to welcoming members back on to the next one in October.”

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