Osram’s new Night Breaker 200 helps guide the way for motorists

A new range of upgrade headlamp bulbs: Night Breaker 200 from Osram, provide motorists with a halogen upgrade bulb that is up to 200 per cent brighter than required by law, significantly improving road illumination and safety.

As the brightest halogen retrofit bulb in Osram’s range, it expands the high-tech company’s Night Breaker portfolio.

Osram recognises that better visibility can help drivers detect traffic signs and hazards more quickly and therefore allows them to react faster, improving road safety.

By using cutting-edge technology, Night Breaker 200 delivers a high light output. The powerful headlamp bulbs are up to three times brighter and provide up to 20 per cent whiter light than required by law. The light beam extends up to 150 metres and the strong luminosity of the bulb provides improved, wider visibility.

Better visibility can help drivers recognise traffic signs and hazards more quickly and react to them swiftly without incidence, improving road safety.

This new range of performance bulbs complements the existing halogen and xenon bulb portfolio of the Night Breaker Series.

The new visual feature is the mirrored chrome tip, which gives the bulb its modern look. The Night Breaker 200 is available now as an H4 and H7 ECE bulb type.

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