Osram expands LED driving and working lights range

Osram is expanding its product portfolio of LEDriving driving and working lights by 17 models.

Sammr Nasrallah-Goldberg, head of the business segment Aftermarket Fixtures at Osram Automotive said: “This gives our customers around 30 options for designing the front and rear lighting of their vehicles, not including product combinations. That provides a lot of scope for individualized and need-based LED retrofitting.”

New in the portfolio are models for rear lighting, round headlights and a street-approved light, which can be installed individually.

Osram says the bulbs offer a brightness of 8000 lumens and a range of up to 635 metres. All new LEDriving driving lights are street legal according to ECE.

Also newly added to the range is the Round VX80-WD, Round MX180-CB, Round MX260-CB and Round VX70-SP.

With the Reversing VX120R-WD and Reversing VX120S-WD lights, drivers now have the option to retrofit their reversing lights.

The products vary in shape, size, light profile, light output and near and far field illumination.

All have been tested under extreme conditions in the Osram test laboratory and can withstand water, dust, heat and cold, as well as vibrations and shocks.

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