One-man brake bleed valve from Laser Tools

When manual or pressure bleeding brake or clutch hydraulic systems, it is essential to prevent fluid and air being pulled back into the system via the bleed nipple when the pedal or lever is released.

The Laser Tools One Man Bleed Valve (part number 7700) allows a single person to perform the task without closing the nipple between pumps.

Use when one-man brake bleeding is required: fit the valve, open the bleed nipple, pump the pedal and let the fluid flow. Use when pushing the caliper pistons back before fitting new pads — stops old fluid being pushed back into the hydraulic system. The one-way valve prevents any air being pulled back into the system. When done remove the one-way valve, tighten the bleed nipple and the job is done.

Laser Tools says its new product is especially useful for motorcycles.

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