Numax adds to XV leisure battery range

The Numax brand of power storage devices, represented in Ireland by National Autoparts has further extended its super successful XV leisure battery range into a five-model family, which will provide the outdoor enthusiast with the opportunity to find the perfect product for their needs. The new addition is the 75-Ampere hour (Ah) XV 23, which features the advanced technology and dual purpose benefits that are common to the entire XV range, but with a little less power.   

The XV 23 is therefore the ideal solution for those who need high quality and reliable performance, but don’t need the high level of power outputs available from the original the range.
The range now covers outputs from 75 to 120 Ah and all versions combine a large starting current, which is usually only found in a starter battery, with a very high cyclic capacity (the ability to be charged, discharged and charged again) normally associated with a conventional leisure battery.


With a range as extensive as the new XV family, Numax has now also made a clear distinction within the range to help users identify the ‘best of the best’. By setting apart the XV 24 and 35 and naming them XV Plus, consumers can easily identify the two most powerful options that are available within the two standard battery case sizes of 257mm x 172mm and 330mm x 172mm.


Naturally, all XV batteries come with ergonomically designed carrying handles for ease of handling, dual terminals for both clamp and screw lead connection, battery condition ‘windows’ to show the battery’s state of charge and maintenance free sealed cells for maximum safety and convenience.


The range is manufactured using state-of-the-art plate design, semi-traction paste, envelope construction and gas recombination technology, which means that they will last substantially longer that a conventional flooded leisure battery. As a result, every Numax XV battery comes with a three-year warranty.

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