New TVD pulleys for the aftermarket

One of Continental’s key priorities this year is to expand its torsional vibration damper portfolio. New TVD pulleys, updates of existing ones and continuous improvements in product quality are planned.

An expanded TVD program with five new sizes will be available as early as this spring, with further types following in the months ahead. “Our goal in introducing the new types and continuously improving the existing items is to offer workshops the best possible repair solution for the ancillary drive,” declares product manager Adrian Rothschild. Objective: maximum service life for the aftermarket component. Modern simulation methods help in improving quality and developing solutions specifically for the aftermarket.

For TVD pulleys, the vehicle manufacturer does not usually provide a clearly defined change interval, and so they are often only changed in the event of damage. “However, we recommend also checking the belt drive components whenever a belt is changed and replacing them, if necessary,” says Rothschild. Not only does this save the customer time and money, it also in particular ensures that the belt drive operates correctly. The experts’ tip: “Cracks and wear on the damper often occur first on the back. The pulley should therefore be inspected very carefully in the vehicle.”

When it comes to changing the pulley, Continental offers a no-worry package including the required special bolts: The practical mounting set contains all the components workshops need to change the TVD pulley.

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