New rapid-adjustment water pump pliers from Laser Tools

These new rapid-adjustment water pump pliers from Laser Tools are designed to hold pipes, components and fixings with a tenacious grip.

Three sizes are available: 180mm (part number 8478), 250mm (part number 8479) and a mighty 300mm (part number 8480).

They all feature a convenient, rapid-adjust, push-button mechanism that locks the pliers in the desired position. A quick press and adjust them again for the next job.

The 180mm version features 20 set positions that adjusts from 0-42mm; the 260mm pliers have 16 positions and adjust from 0-50mm. The larger 300mm pliers feature 29 set positions and adjust right up to 70mm.

Manufactured from high-carbon steel for wear-resistance, the adjustable jaws feature directional serrations that bite into the job. Combined with grippy texture-dipped handles, these pliers are not going to slip.

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