New fuel and additive funnels from Laser Tools

Putting the wrong fuel into your car or van can be a costly and time consuming mistake. This has prompted manufacturers to fit new vehicles with anti-misfueling flaps — this stops the driver putting the wrong sort of fuel pump nozzle into the fuel tank.

But it can also make it difficult to get fuel into the tank in an emergency from a can, or even to put in fuel additives.

These two new fuel and additive funnels from Laser Tools (part numbers 8020 for the petrol version and 8021 for the diesel version) have been designed to open the internal flap in the filler neck and allow fuel or additive into the tank.

The funnels are manufactured from tough polypropylene, the petrol example has a 21mm outlet (the same as the petrol pump on the forecourt) and the diesel version has a 24.5mm outlet.

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