New Champion Contact® flat-blade wipers

Federal-Mogul is now offering the aftermarket a range of Champion Contact® flat-blade wipers for light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

With some of the most popular LCVs, such as the Citroën Berlingo, Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Caddy, now fitting flat-blade wipers as original equipment, Federal-Mogul is helping its aftermarket   partners to support this growth. Champion’s flat-blade range covers more than 40 of the most popular LCVs with only 13 part numbers.

“The increase in light commercial vehicles fitted with flat-blades as standard equipment will have a big effect on the aftermarket in the coming years,” said Jonathan Allen Federal-Mogul field marketing manager EMEA. “Federal-Mogul is continually updating its product range, ensuring we provide the most comprehensive range of OE-quality flat blades available in the aftermarket.”

Vehicle manufacturers fit flat blades as original equipment because their aerodynamic design pushes the wiper blade onto the windscreen to ensure better contact, improving the blade’s efficiency. The slim structure also allows manufacturers to design wiper systems that sit below the bonnet line to improve the vehicle’s appearance and pedestrian safety.

Federal-Mogul has also launched a retro-fit option that is available as part of the Champion Contact® range, which allows owners of vehicles with conventional wipers to upgrade to flat-blades. This gives customers better performing wipers and creates additional business opportunities for workshops. Federal-Mogul’s single-packed Contact range, with its unique master connector system, gives distributors and workshops maximum coverage from a modest investment as well as fast turnover of stock.

“Flat-blades’ share of the wiper aftermarket grew from 0.5% in 2003 to 18% in 2010,” said Allen. “In 2012, flat blades’ share is predicted to reach 30%, a trend that Federal-Mogul expects to accelerate in the coming years as the growth in the OE market filters through.”

Federal-Mogul also markets a mid-priced range of just 14 flat blade references to satisfy most customer requirements. Champion’s Easyvision® programme provides a high quality, cost optimised flat wiper blade for consumers seeking a mid-market product. This range also incorporates the retro-fit feature and provides substantial vehicle coverage.


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