New AdBlue filling funnels from Laser Tools

AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid is a fact of life for the modern diesel engine, so to make life a bit easier Laser Tools has introduced these AdBlue Filling Funnels specially designed to screw directly onto the AdBlue filler neck. Two versions are available — straight (part number 6856) or angled access (part number 6865) — and they make the AdBlue filling process quick and easy, and best of all — no messy spillage!

Screw the funnel straight on to the AdBlue filler neck then lift the internal anti-spill valve. The funnel is large with a generous 1.1 litre capacity. Keep filling until the AdBlue fluid stops flowing into the vehicle’s reservoir, then simply drop down the internal valve. Now unscrew the funnel and lift it clear. There will no leaks or mess as you transfer the unused fluid back into the original container and leave a full AdBlue reservoir on the vehicle.

The angled AdBlue filler funnel is the same design as the straight version, with the internal anti-spill valve, but with an angled funnel connector. This is the one to use if the AdBlue filler neck is awkward to access or set at an angle.

AdBlue spillage can be costly, messy and once it dries the resulting white crystals can be difficult to remove. But not a problem if you are using one of these AdBlue filling funnels from Laser Tools.

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