Moog highlights key safety differences in steering and suspension parts

There are many reasons why today’s passenger vehicles offer significantly better steering and handling performance as compared to older models. Among these reasons are the use of highly advanced steering and suspension components engineered to dramatically improve steering feel and responsiveness.

When it’s time to replace any of these parts, the choice between one brand and another can make a huge difference in vehicle performance, reliability, safety and owner satisfaction.

Davor Horvat, business line leader, steering and suspension, EMEA at Moog said: “To the untrained eye, one brand’s steering or suspension part might look very similar to the part from a competing supplier. But when one of those products has arrived in a Moog box, the workshop owner and technician can be confident it will help them perform a superior repair.

“The ultimate benefit of choosing Moog is that you have the peace of mind that comes with installing better performing, longer lasting parts on your customers’ vehicles.”

Many Moog components for the European market are assembled and validated exclusively in the brand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Barcelona. Dedicated, in-house assembly and quality control help ensure that each part will provide exceptional performance in even the most demanding operating environments, Moog says.

The latest Moog innovations is ‘Hybrid Core Technology’, which it says utilises carbon fibre reinforcement to significantly increase bearing durability in control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends and axial rods.

In addition, this new design features ball studs that have been treated through an induction hardening process that provides a fivefold increase in surface hardness and which can double stud strength, according to Moog.

As an additional benefit, Hybrid Core Technology helps minimise the gradual increase in radial deflection, or “play,” over the part’s service life, thereby extending the precise steering feel and controlled suspension movement preferred by many vehicle owners.

“Hybrid Core Technology represents another important milestone in Moog history and a new benchmark in product performance and durability within the automotive service industry,” said Horvat. “Moog has earned the trust of customers around the world through a relentless focus on innovation, quality and performance, and we are building on this heritage with every part that comes in a Moog box.”

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