Monbatt exclusive distributor for Fiamm and Mannol

Monbatt, is the exclusive distributor for Fiamm and Mannol products, and says its a “great honour and responsibility” to play a significant role in bringing these products to the Irish market.

These brands have earned a reputation for their quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and Monbatt is proud to be associated with them.

Fiamm specialises in the production of start stop batteries that are functional for stop start vehicles, but also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

Meanwhile, Mannol is known for its high-quality base oils and cutting-edge technology in the field of blending its extensive range of vehicle lubricants. Both brands have a strong following, and their respective products are highly sought after by customers who value quality and sustainability.

As the exclusive distributor, Monbatt is tasked with promoting these products, building brand awareness, and ensuring that they reach their target audience.

This involves working closely with retailers, stockists, selling on to the end-users to create a robust distribution network that can effectively bring these products to market.

The challenge of being the exclusive distributor is to balance the needs of both the brand and the customers. The brands have high standards for quality and customer service, and it is essential to maintain these standards while ensuring that customers receive the products they want and need.

Monbatt adds that it is confident that with hard work and dedication, it can successfully grow these brands and reach new customers.

Monbatt’s goal is to bring these products to as many trades people as possible, so that they can experience the quality, innovation, and sustainability that these brands have to offer.

Monbatt, the exclusive distributor for Fiamm and Mannol, is committed to promoting and growing these brands and bringing their products to a wider audience.

With Monbatt’s hard work, dedication, and expertise, the company is confident that it will will continue to be a driving force in the Irish market, providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to all the automotive aftermarket.

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