Meyle unveils reinforced control arm

Sporty models, such as the Audi TT, are designed to deliver a dynamic driving experience – the downside is excessive strain on chassis components. Control arms, for example, are subjected to particularly high loads, resulting in premature part wear and failure. Meyle, represented in Ireland by Strongline Autoparts now offers a new HD part which, the Meyle claims, outperforms its OE equivalent in terms of durability thanks to its outstanding stress resistance.

With a powerful engine and tight suspension set-up, component stability is critical for vehicle safety and driving comfort. Meyle offers a new control arm forged entirely from high-grade steel designed to fit the Audi TT and other models.

With its quality standards equal to OE, the Meyle Audi TT control arm is virtually unrivalled on the aftermarket, the company says. Thanks to the high-grade material the Meyle control arm is able to effectively neutralise the forces that act on the body and wheels during operation, such as on bumpy roads, without compromising a dynamic driving experience. Due to the challenging operating conditions the rubber material used on the bushings wears out faster than other components. This is why Meyle in-house engineers have redesigned the rubber geometries of the pressed in bearing bushing.


Thanks to the larger rubber-to-metal contact surface forces are distributed more evenly, which in turn reduces overall load on the bonding.


The result: control arm life is considerably improved even in extended periods of dynamic driving, Meyle claims.


The new Meyle HD control arm is also available for the following models: AUDI A3 (8L1), the S3 Quattro, VW GOLF V (1K1) 3.2 R32 4motion and VW NEW BEETLE (0C1, 1C1) RSI 3.2.


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