Meyle launches new Meyle-PD cabin air filters

Meyle has launched a new range of Meyle-PD cabin air filters, which it says feature high-quality filter media that is enhanced with specially impregnated active carbon and can thereby provide a particularly high adsorption of NOx.

They also offer a very high filter efficiency, according to Meyle, and an enormously high capture of fine dust, making the filter suitable particularly for large cities with high traffic and levels of fine dust pollution and ensuring seamless airflow with minimal loss in pressure.

The introduction comes at a time when awareness surrounding the topic of health and environmental pollution associated with driving is increasing. Drivers and passengers want to protect themselves from harmful gases and particles, which in addition to smog, exhaust, soot, ozone and pollen also includes fine dust and NOx.

Unlike conventional cabin air filters with active carbon, filtered NOx is chemically bound in the filter material as a salt and is never released again even when disposed of. The new cabin air filter thus permanently and sustainably reduces NOx in the environment and directly in the cabin.

Meyle is offering 38 new references for the Meyle-PD cabin air filter.

An overview of the layers of the new Meyle-PD cabin air filter:

1. The cover fleece filters larger particles of dust.

2. The particle medium is outstanding at capturing fine dust.

3. The two impregnated layers of activated carbon chemically bind the NOx.

4. The carrier fleece serves as a basis for the layer of activated carbon and the particle medium.

The new Meyle-PD cabin air filters have expanded not only the existing Meyle range of nearly 400 cabin air filters, but also the Meyle-PD product range.

For optimal filter performance, Meyle recommends replacing the cabin air filter every 15,000 km or twice a year.

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