Mahle acquires exhaust gas heat recovery specislists

Stuttgart-based Mahle Group has acquired Amovis GmbH, which has a high level of competence in intelligent exhaust gas heat recovery using the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle).

ORC systems are an advanced development of the steam cycle, in which the waste heat from combustion engines is not released unused into the environment via the exhaust gas, but used to generate electrical or mechanical energy.


This means that fuel consumption in commercial vehicles, for example, can be reduced by up to four per cent, and thus contribute to a significant reduction in CO2. Areas of application in the steady-state industry segment include combined cycle power plants in biogas installations.

Amovis is currently developing a highly efficient and economically very interesting axial piston machine. Mahle already has considerable expertise in the field of heat transfer for ORC applications.

Combined with the expertise of Amovis, the Mahle portfolio now includes essential key technologies for a complete ORC system. As customer interest in this future technology for CO2 reduction is high, the first trucks featuring Mahle’s ORC technology are likely to be on our roads from 2020.

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