Lumileds launches Philips WhiteVision ultra car headlamps

Lumileds launches its new Philips WhiteVision ultra halogen car headlights.

Philips WhiteVision ultra upgrade headlight bulbs are ECE certified for bright white light on the road. Drivers enjoy a vibrant look from a road-legal bulb compliant with relevant regulations. Without compromising safety by dazzling the car in front, it provides great visibility.

The new Philips WhiteVision ultra coating formula, along with its cool white light, significantly improves visibility at night and enhances driver comfort by reducing eye fatigue. With up to 60 per cent more vision, the longer beam pattern enables drivers to not only see other road users more clearly but also be better seen by them. It improves safety and gives them more time to react to potential hazards on the road ahead.
Its optimised high-precision filament geometry, high-pressure gas filling, high-precision coating and high-quality UV-quartz glass enable WhiteVision ultra headlights to set a new standard for road-legal white light, according to Lumileds.

Lumileds’ UK Business Development Manager Richard Armstrong, comments, “Thanks to the new, advanced coating formula on the glass, WhiteVision ultra bulbs are our whitest road-legal lights. These headlights provide such a stunning look in the headlamp’s reflector that they project a style and appearance similar to xenon light.”

Philips WhiteVision ultra headlamps are available in H4 and H7.

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