Loctite mirror adhesive users express their viewpoint

Henkel, owner of the renowned Loctite brand, has revealed the results of a new survey that outlines the satisfaction being enjoyed by users of its Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit. The survey, which targeted the DIY car maintenance and repair market, was conducted in conjunction with a nationwide retailer of vehicle spares.

Many car owners will have experienced that sinking feeling when a simple adjustment of their rear-view mirror results in it detaching from the windscreen. Keen to avoid an expensive trip to the repair shop, thoughts often turn to what adhesives might be hiding in the shed. However, bonding this awkward component to a windshield is not a job for general purpose glue, which is precisely why the Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit was first developed.

The Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit has been purpose-designed for metal to glass bonding and compensates for the different thermal expansion rates of these materials. The product bonds in a matter of minutes and is clean and easy to use.

Many turn to the product only after finding that other solutions fail, as indicated by many survey respondents. “My rear-view mirror kept dropping off with sticky pads,” said one, “so I decided to use the Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit and it has not fallen off. The product is easy to use and dries within 2-3 minutes.”

Another reported: “After trying and failing with sticky pads, I used this kit instead and it has been solid ever since.”

And it’s not just sticky pads causing a sense of frustration among car repairers, as the following comment revealed: “My mirror had fallen off and I tried to reattach it with superglue and grab adhesive without success, but the Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit worked brilliantly, exactly as advertised.”

Of course, not all rear-view mirrors are made equal; some are considerably heavier than others. The survey makes it clear, however, that weight is no issue for the Loctite solution.

“This is a good product that reattached our BMW’s heavy rear-view mirror with excellent results,” said one survey participant, while another stated: “Worked a treat on a Ford Galaxy Mk1 original mirror, which is heavy and has a small button.”

Sometimes the results far exceed expectations, as the following customer outlined: “I have a rather heavy rear-view mirror so I was sceptical as to whether the Loctite product would work. However, I nearly gave myself a hernia it was stuck that well.”

Bonding strength is a genuine attribute of the Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit, something that was remarked upon many times over. One happy purchaser said: “I’ve used this product a few times on various vehicles; it’s very strong and, if done correctly, you can hang off it.” Echoing this sentiment, another survey respondent declared: “I followed the instructions and now I could most likely swing from my rear-view mirror.”

As with any bonding operation, following the instructions is pivotal to success. For instance, surfaces must be cleaned correctly as any contamination could compromise the joint. Many survey participants were keen to outline this point, particularly as some user forums and websites carry mixed reviews of the product that result from a failure to follow the guidance.

“I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly for me,” said one, while another reported: “I followed the instructions and my mirror was fixed.” One particular survey respondent captured perfectly the sentiment of this message. “I’ve bought this product for a few cars over the years and it’s always worked a treat. Follow the instructions on the back and you can’t go wrong.”

Another major trend in the responses related to the savings accrued by performing the job at home rather than incurring the cost of a professional repair.

“It was the first time I’ve ever tried something like this, but for the money it was definitely better than getting the garage to do it for me. The rear-view mirror has been on for over a month and no issues so far.”

Another user impressed with the value said: “This is an absolutely superb product and it worked a treat. It seemed to bond instantly and it’s now solid, saving me the money it would have cost by using a professional. Thoroughly recommended.”

And this: “I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked really well first time, saving me a small fortune.”

Clearly, there is no substitute for a purpose-designed adhesive when it comes to reattaching a rear-view mirror to a windscreen, a point not lost on this satisfied customer. “The Loctite Rear-view Mirror Adhesive Kit was very easy to use; if only the rest of life was this simple.”

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