Lockdown to have lesser impact on the auto aftermarket

During the previous lockdown industries across the board in Ireland and the UK were affected by national Covid-19 restrictions, while garages closed across both countries, in great part due to the suspensions of the NCT and MOT services respectively. So, how will the new restrictions affect the auto aftermarket this time?

Although Ireland is currently in a second lockdown, with the UK set to commence theirs from today (November 5) for a number of weeks, garages are not required to close.

Kilometres driven overall will most likely decline further, however the drop is not expected to be as sharp as in March and April. This is due to many businesses and institutions remaining open, for example schools and couriers services. It is anticipated that the online sales boom will continue and that supermarkets will be busier than ever.

As a result of this, critical supply chain and delivery vehicles will be on the road in greater numbers as even more capacity is added to these channels.

Garages and motor factors will need ongoing support and service as the industry remains open.

The aftermarket has this time been deemed essential by both governments as it keeps vehicles on the road. This was not made clear back in March/April, with many garages closing due to a lack of work and the postponement of the NCT and MOT services in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain.

As a result of the delay in the vehicle roadworthiness tests, repair garages are expected to be very busy throughout the remainder of this year.

Klarius says it is prepared to meet the demands of the aftermarket and provide essential support to the industry. The company’s CEO, Mark Brickhill says: “Our product availability is excellent, we continue to have the widest range in the UK and Ireland and have launched new products throughout the pandemic.”

Klarius offers a range of more than 11,000 emissions control parts and components that match OEM performance levels. They are designed to fit vehicles of almost any type and age.

Brickhill continues: “Every component features a two-year warranty and ‘fit first time’ guarantee. We make this possible by fitting new parts to real cars during our development and testing process.”

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