LKQ Euro Car Parts launches new trade-only Starline battery range

LKQ Euro Car Parts has launched a new, trade-only battery range under its Starline banner to help workshops cater for everything across automotive, commercial, marine and leisure vehicles.

The Starline range covers conventional, absorbed glass mat batteries (AGM) and enhanced flooded batteries (EFB), with a wide range of sizes to choose from so that technicians can get a replacement right first time.

As part of the new range, Starline says it has identified the growing need for start-stop batteries which are available as both AGMs and EFBs and continue to power the electrics of a vehicle even when its engine is in sleep mode.

Starline batteries are manufactured using 20 years of European knowledge and experience. Its battery range is manufactured to the highest standards, in line with OE processes and using the latest materials, ensuring they are leak proof, deliver improved starting performance and provide a longer service life.

All batteries in the range are backed up with a three-year guarantee.

The Starline range was established in 1999 and today includes more than 35,000 products, covering more than 90 per cent of spare parts for passenger vehicles.

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