KYB shock absorber fitting videos reach four million views

KYB Europe Aftermarket has reached four million views on YouTube for its fitting videos.

The market leading range of fitting videos for difficult or unusual shock absorber replacements was launched in 2013. There are now over 100 videos, covering more than 380 vehicle applications. The videos are watched on average over 90,000 times per month, for 195,000 minutes.

The most watched fitting video is for the front of the Peugeot 307/308 and the Citröen C4. It is an awkward front shock absorber to replace, because in order to gain proper access to the top nut, the technician needs to remove the windscreen wipers, scuttle panel, brake fluid bottle and windscreen wiper cover cowl.

In all fitting videos, KYB demonstrates the correct process for replacing shock absorbers, including the correct tools to use and the specific geometry settings.

If technicians know of a specific vehicle where it is difficult to replace the shock absorbers, KYB encourages them to get in touch about it, as it may be possible to make a fitting video to support them – they can send the vehicle details (in any language) to

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