Kroon Oil the expert’s choice at Somora

For over 100 years, Kroon Oil has focused exclusively on the development and manufacture of premium lubricants.

The company’s key goal has been to be the definitive ‘expert’s choice’, presenting a comprehensive range of high quality lubricants, which are compliant with international applicable specifications and deserve the designation “Made in Holland”!

From its base in Almelo, Netherlands, Kroon-Oil has created a range that has huge international appeal including products for road, agriculture, industrial, bicycles, and marine use.

Within the Kroon-Oil assortment, you will find everything from the latest 0W-20 motor oils to Classic Car Lubricants and everything in between.

From oil additives to maintenance sprays and greases, it is all under one roof at Somora Motor Parts in Dublin.

Kroon-Oil is also a specialist in the field of Automatic Transmission Fluids with a wide range of fluids equipped for all automatic transmissions.

A technical product requires knowledge and expertise, which Kroon is eager to share.

You can access free product advice at including the easy-to-use product recommendation tool. Kroon’s knowledgeable partners at Somora Motor Parts can also offer product advice and assistance.

The premium quality of Kroon-Oil in the easily recognisable Gold packaging is available from stockists nationwide, making it easy to switch to the expert’s choice.

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