Japanparts extends shock absorber range

Japanparts Group has extended the range of traditional shock absorbers to include a stock of components for electronically controlled suspensions – air springs, commonly known as bellows – and electronically controlled dampers – variable stiffness and damping shock absorbers.

With this line, Japanparts has extended its coverage to include the major European and American brands, ranging from the VAG Group to the FCA Group, from Renault to PSA and integrating its application list with BMW, GM, Mercedes, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo and the latest Cadillacs, Hummers, Land Rovers, Smart, Piaggio and DR and many more.

The range for the JapanParts brands Ashika and Japko consists of:

  • 1,969 codes for traditional shock absorbers with pre-codes MM-, MA-, MJ
  • 16 codes for electronically controlled vehicle suspensions with precodes MM-AS, MA-AS, MJ-AS
  • 47 codes for air springs
  • 38 variable stiffness and damping shock absorbers
  • 10 codes for steering shock absorbers
  • Seven codes for Piaggio shock absorbers

Shock absorber mounts are added to complete the service. These are inserted into the coil spring to strengthen the vehicle and control its suspension and dust protection kits. The dust protection kits (with just six codes) allow covering 92 per cent of the on-road vehicles, perfectly compatible with traditional shock absorbers.

All the coded references are already available from the warehouse in Verona, allowing immediate delivery not only within Italy and the islands, but to all the countries where the Group’s brands are distributed.

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