Hella Hengst develops new oil filter module

Hella Hengst, a global leader in filtration and fluid management, has developed a multifunctional oil filter module for the new VW EA288 Evo 4-cylinder diesel engine from Volkswagen. The weight and flow of this module has been developed to optimise its performance, which helps to increase the overall efficiency of the engine.

This newly developed module meets all the fluid management demands placed on it from installation into these modern, high performing diesel engines. Its lightweight design fulfils the engine’s combined requirements for effective oil filtration, as well as efficient oil cooling, and is ingeniously engineered to fit into a very confined space.

The flow channel, which has been significantly enhanced compared to the previous versions, allows for reduced differential pressure, therefore lowering the power requirements placed on the oil pump. As a direct result, the module makes a valuable contribution towards the engine’s low CO2 emissions.

To ensure the engine receives the required level of oil filtration in this demanding application, HellaHengst has incorporated its seventh generation ‘Energetic’ filter insert concept, which is at the cutting edge of filter design, in order to fulfil this important function. Thanks to a combination of the company’s filtration technology and the use of durable components in the design and manufacture of the housing, the module, with the oil filter at its core, is particularly environmentally sustainable and resource-saving, as only the filter element itself needs to be replaced when the engine undergoes an oil change at its scheduled service intervals.

To ensure the module can withstand the very high oil pressures present through the design of this engine, it has an integrated oil drain valve and the internal support frame of the inbuilt filter has also been reinforced. Furthermore, in order to prevent technicians from inadvertently installing the wrong filter, the element, which is naturally patent protected, features an integrated sealing lock.

The EA288 Evo 4-cylinder diesel engine is the VW group’s standard diesel engine for the immediate future and is set to feature in variants of all its passenger cars and light commercial vehicles moving forward.

The unit has a 2.0-litre displacement and will be available with a variety of power outputs up to 150kW (204 PS) and rather than featuring a separate starter motor and alternator, is equipped with a 12-volt starter generator and start-stop technology, making the new TDI engine a mild hybrid. As a result, the EA288 Evo engine complies with all current EU6d-temp standard emissions regulations and is already set for the forthcoming EU6d emissions standard.

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