HBA seeks key Protec distributors

HBA Distribution, authorised distributors of the Protec range of engine oil, fuel and cooling system treatments, are currently seeking key distributors throughout the country.

Layout 1 (Page 23)Protec has built a reputation for quality and performance with advanced formulation products that effectively clean engine oil, fuel and cooling systems to improve circulation and performance, resulting in lower fuel consumption, smoother engine running, fewer repairs and increased customer satisfaction.

The Protec range is TUV approved and has been tried and tested and continually improved over many years to guarantee its effectiveness. Use of the products eliminates operational contamination and residues throughout the lubrication, fuel and coolant systems. Combustion, performance, economy and emissions are all significantly improved through the use of Protec additives.

All products are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The PROTEC R&D department is constantly working to enhance the range, in line with developing automotive technology. In more recent years this has seen the introduction of two more tried and tested products:

DPF Super Cleaner – Is a special diesel additive solution, which is used as an aid to regeneration in DPF systems. It provides an effective and economical means of particle filter cleaning and protection. The product can be used in all diesel engines and mixed with all diesel fuels, offering permanent and complete filter cleaning during driving, reduce maintenance cost with no assembling or disassembling required and reduced ignition temperature of the soot collected in the DPF.

DPF Flushing Liquid – Effectively dissolves and removes all soot deposition and residues. The flushing liquid cleans gently and can be used on all aluminium, magnesium, zinc and cadmium parts. The product can be used on the latest generation of particle filters.

HBA are authorised distributors for PROTEC in the R.O.I. and are currently appointing Key Dealers in all regions and offering stockists deals. Contact HBA on 048-3753-1155, email info@hba.ie or at www.hba.ie.

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