GSF pilots electric delivery bikes in London

British motor factor GSF Car Parts is piloting an innovative solution to navigating traffic around its London branches by using electric cargo bikes.

GSF has 180 branches across the UK and Ireland, 14 of which are located in and around London, supplying OE and aftermarket parts, tools and more to independent garages, national chains and the public.

This week saw GSF’s Tottenham branch take delivery of two VOK Bikes, an electric cargo bike to make short work of the busy capital and allow GSF drivers to navigate bustling streets to serve their customers quicker than before.

With a design small enough to fit just about anywhere a traditional push bike can go, the VOK Bikes are able to travel in cycle lanes and areas restricted to motor vehicles.

The branch will use the VOK Bikes as part of a trial to determine their efficiency, impact and effectiveness compared to traditional delivery vehicles such as vans and motorbikes.

GSF Car Parts chief executive, Steve Horne said: “London has notoriously bad traffic, low average speeds and lots of stop-start driving, so we’re exploring alternative methods to get from A to B and are delighted to be piloting these VOK Bikes.

“As a business whose bread and butter is distribution, we have a responsibility to test alternative means of fuel that are greener and more sustainable for the environment, which is exactly what this trial gives us the opportunity to do.”

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