GS Yuasa continues to meet needs of modern vehicles

Distributed in Ireland by Serfac Limited, the GS range is designed to meet the needs of modern vehicles. Featuring attractive battery case designs, its SMF, EFB and AGM batteries all provide superior performance at competitive prices.

“In Asia, and many other parts of the world, GS is renowned as the leading automotive battery brand and has continued to grow in popularity in Ireland over recent years due to its high quality, the extensive range of references available plus the online training opportunities offered by the GS Yuasa Academy,” said Liam O’Donohoe of Serfac Limited.

GS also recently launched its latest Pro-Spec range of multiple purpose deep cycle batteries which are specifically designed for durability and long lift in deep discharge use.

Unique, state-of-the-art plate barrier prevention and separator systems minimise self-discharge and maximise both the out of use storage period and the number of recharge cycles, providing more power and reliability and prolonging the service life of the battery.

Key features of the new Pro-Spec range include:

  • Vibration resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Deep cycle
  • Extended service life

Applications include electric vehicles such as golf carts and mobility vehicles and warehouse equipment including fork lifts, access platforms and floor cleaners.

The GS Yuasa Academy, an online battery training platform is available online at Featuring over 20 detailed training courses, it covers every step of a battery’s ‘journey’ – from leaving the shelf, through ongoing maintenance, to end of service life.

It is designed to help businesses revolutionise their battery offering by improving customer service, reducing warranty returns and maximising battery business revenue potential.

Yu-Fit Battery Configuration Tool
The GS Yuasa Yu-Fit battery configuration tool is part of the brand’s latest generation of workshop products and accessories. An increasing number of vehicles are now fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors a vehicle’s battery throughout its life to maintain optimum charge efficiency and operation of the Stop-Start system.

If fitted, it’s essential to re-programme the BMS via the OBD port following the installation of a replacement battery as failing to do so can lead to problem such as in-car error messages or even complete loss of Start-Stop functionality.

“Battery replacement is no longer a five minute task and battery reconfiguration is fast becoming the norm,” O’Donohoe added. “The GS Yuasa Yu-Fit tool has been specifically designed to be one of the most user-friendly tools available which can achieve battery validation in less than 60 seconds!

“Although garages may already own diagnostic equipment, having a GS Yuasa Yu-Fit means that central diagnostic equipment doesn’t have to be tied up on the relatively straightforward task of battery configuration.”

The GS automotive battery range is supported by a powerful trade battery lookup site – Based on GS Yuasa’s online battery lookup, it claims the system is the fastest, most-accurate battery finder available and provides users with the correct battery and detailed fitting information.

The GS battery lookup designed to save its 80,000-plus users time and money by allowing them to find the right battery and detailed fitting information quickly.

For details of special 2023 seasonal offers on the GS Battery range, contact your Serfac area manager or call the Serfac sales team on 01-459 8700.

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